travel insurance

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Travel insurance

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance covers only medical treatment, evacuation, repatriation and other similar costs, but does not involve payment for the mere fact of injury. This contrasts with the accident insurance.

Many banks offer discounts on insurance policies or preferential travel insurance to their clients.

Travel insurance protects you against unforeseen disturbances and expenses during the trip. It is possible to arrange both individual and group insurance.

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No one specifically intends to break a leg on vacations, but every year the number of such incidents is growing. How does the system of saving a tourist work? It starts from the moment a traveler called the number listed in his or her travel insurance. The first place where he'll get help is an office of one of the Assistance companies that organize the rescue of injured persons. Such companies set their offices all around the world.

You can buy an inexpensive insurance, but in this case you should understand that medical care is limited. If you're willing to pay, then you'll be able to claim a wider range of services. If people would carefully read the insurance policy, they would have fewer claims to insurance companies.

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There are companies that knowing that people go to the sea, are writing in small print in a policy such an item: Insurance company does not cover the costs of injuries on the water. That means one thing: no scooters, no water parks, no yacht or simply bathing. Many insurance companies will not accept responsibility for the tourist if he got into trouble outside the doors of the hotel. There is another important thing: some insurance companies do not pay insurance premiums in case of sunburn or other dermatoses that may occur during a beach vacation. Insurance does not cover injuries sustained in a drunken state.

List of most common additional services include baggage insurance under the responsibility of the carrier, liability insurance to third parties; insurance associated with trip cancellation, legal insurance, individual travel insurance packages for people involved in extreme sports. This, of course, also means additional costs.

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Typically, a standard travel insurance is offered to a tourist with the travel package (from the company that contracted with the tour operator). If you have studied an insurance and its terms do not meet your requirements, do not worry. There is such an option to reinsure the risks of another company or to purchase the necessary additional services.

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