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Cruises are popular among the tourists for more than half a century. Designers are even making special cruise collections of clothes, in which people can walk along decks during the day and night, as well as go to dinners and balls. In recent years large cruise companies, such as the American company Royal Caribbean, have made cruises a pure pleasure. Their ships are beautiful and graceful sailing colossus. They have more than a dozen decks, they are able to take more than 3000 passengers and the same number of staff. On such ships there are not just cabins of any class, there are also many restaurants and a golf course, climbing wall, pools, theaters, libraries, SPA-centers, jogging tracks (imagine a jog off the coast of Puerto Rico!) and even a large cubed street with lanterns where there are restaurants, boutiques and wine shops.

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On the Cayman, Bahamas, Virgin Islands you can safely rent a car and ride around the island, stopping at beautiful wild beaches. In Mexico, St. Maarten, SentTomase, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Haiti it is better to take a car with a driver, he knows where tourists can go and where better not to go. If you wish not to take a car than you may walk around the city, go to a restaurant, buy souvenirs, lie down on a local beach. And the golden rule is that the liner waits for no one, therefore you can not be late and you have to go back in about an hour before its departure. Typically, the ship leaves at 5 or 6 pm.

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It is better to choose the cruise in which you can spend a couple of days on the ship without landings: sunbathing on the deck, inhaling the fresh breeze of the ocean, sit in jacuzzi, go to the sauna, visit the restaurants daily. Evenings are full of entertainment: there are parties on the upper deck, gourmet party (chefs prepare different masterpieces, and then all of them are collectively eaten), reception by the captain of a cruise ship and acquaintance with the team. In the theater there is the new Broadway show every night. There are about six different dance floors on the cruise ship: the normal, youth, rap, Latin American, nostalgia, karaoke, etc. For supper you can go to a restaurant with a buffet of different cuisines, or to a restaurant a la carte. In the latter dress code is required, that means dresses for women and suits or tuxedos for men. At the end of navigation shops on the main street make huge sales and you can buy watches, swimsuit, sunglasses, bags, etc for low prices.

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Normal cabin in a cruise liner for two (or three) costs from $1500 to $2000 for a 7 or 9-day cruise. The price includes everything (room, meals all day, visiting the SPA-band, drama, all entertainment), except the cost of alcoholic beverages.

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