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The world is so big, and we often want to visit lots of wonderful places, and that is more diverse and complicated because of a very big choice of possible places to travel to.

Where you may go: to the sea or the mountains, a trip to Europe or Africa, to ride on the canals of Venice or visit the famous Wonders of World.

One of the most popular places for recreation and for honeymoon trip is Europe. It is impossible to travel around the whole of Europe even for a few years of active travel. But, nevertheless, if you visit Europe only once or a few times, you will forever remember its natural beauty, the splendor of architectural masterpieces and many showplace and attractions.


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Cruises are popular among the tourists for more than half a century. Designers are even making special cruise collections of clothes, in which people can walk along decks during the day and night, as well as go to dinners and balls. In recent years large cruise companies, such as the American company Royal Caribbean, have made cruises a pure pleasure. Their ships are beautiful and graceful sailing colossus. They have more than a dozen decks, they are able to take more than 3000 passengers and the same number of staff. On such ships there are not just cabins of any class, there are also many restaurants and a golf course, climbing wall, pools, theaters, libraries, SPA-centers, jogging tracks (imagine a jog off the coast of Puerto Rico!) and even a large cubed street with lanterns where there are restaurants, boutiques and wine shops.


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Air Travel

Charter or scheduled flight - what to choose for air travel?

Flights of Civil Aviation are regular and charter. These two types of flights differ from each other in time and frequency and the way of organizing the flight.

Scheduled flights are used by major airlines, they are executed strictly according to schedule. Regular airplane will fly even if not all the tickets for the flight are sold. For the planes of major airlines that provide scheduled flights it is typical to separate the plane's salon into three classes: First Class, Economy Class and Business Class. During the flight, passengers are provided with lunch, duty-free products, magazines, etc. Economy Class is cheaper than the First Class, and Business Class is better for those who like to travel with comfort (the seats are softer and there is more distance between them), also in Business Class the lunch is better. Those who travel in Business Class can relax in a VIP-hall equipped with comfortable furniture and air conditioning before the flight.


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Travel insurance

Travel insurance covers only medical treatment, evacuation, repatriation and other similar costs, but does not involve payment for the mere fact of injury. This contrasts with the accident insurance.

Many banks offer discounts on insurance policies or preferential travel insurance to their clients.

Travel insurance protects you against unforeseen disturbances and expenses during the trip. It is possible to arrange both individual and group insurance.

Typically, a standard travel insurance is offered to a tourist with the travel package (from the company that contracted with the tour operator). If you have studied an insurance and its terms do not meet your requirements, do not worry. There is such an option to reinsure the risks of another company or to purchase the necessary additional services.


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